Joining the blood donor movement, you can help people who need blood. One blood dose can save someone injured in road traffic accident or a patient with burns, or help a cancer patient.

There are many reasons patients need blood. Blood is necessary during surgery, for patients with acute bleeding, as well as oncology, haematology and other patients. Joining the blood donor movement, you can help those in need. You can become one of them at any time, so do not stand aside when you can help.

We are always looking for people who can make the difference until one day we realise that we are those people.

Blood donation benefits:

You can check your heart rate, blood pressure and haemoglobin level. This free mini-physical can offer excellent insight into your health. It can effectively detect problems that could indicate an underlying

  • medical condition or risk factors for certain diseases.

You can get your test results, if you it before donating. All donors can receive their test results personally coming with their ID document at least five days after blood.

Blood cells are replaced after blood donation. When you have donated blood, your body immediately starts replacing the lost amount of blood. Some people worry that donating blood is not healthy. It’s a myth! Donating blood, a donor gets rid of old blood cells (erythrocytes) and the body produces new ones that carry oxygen to all parts of the body more efficiently. Your body will replace your blood volume (plasma) within 48 hours after donation, while all red blood cells (erythrocytes) lost during blood donation will be completely replaced within four to eight weeks.