To be a leader in the field of transfusiology and with own example to provide a conteporary national blood services.


To ensure medical services and preparation of high quality blood components, contributing a good partnership with donors and patients, staff, health care providers and suppliers.


The long-term strategic development objectives:

LO1 Carry out all necessary measures in order to promote self-sufficiency in human blood and blood components in Latvia.
LO2 To promote unpaid donation of blood and blood components.
LO3 In order to protect public health and to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases, blood collection, processing, distribution and use, to comply with all precautionary measures in accordance with the science development of transfusion transmissible disease detection and inactivation and elimination of pathogens.

The aim of the strategy during the programming period:

SA1 Participate in the voluntary and unremunerated blood donation movement of promoting its maintenance and development purposes.
SA2 Maintain and improve operating processes of the Centre to the Centre to ensure blood component and medical service quality and safety.
SA3 To promote the efficient and effective use of blood components, in organising the clinical training of specialists.
SA4 Donor security to develop the vigilance system.
SA5 Ensure the financial resources of the Centre of legitimate, effective and efficient use.
SA6 Maintain and continuously improve the competence of the staff of the Centre.
SA7 Ensure a modern and comfortable working environment, to promote the health and safety of working conditions.
SA8 To promote environmentally friendly materials, technology and process selection and environmentally friendly waste management system.


[Informaton update 14th of March 2016]