The State Blood Donor Center of the Republic of Latvia (Centre) is a contemporary and forward-looking direct administration body of the Ministry of Health, which coordinates a united Blood Service in the country, thus ensuring the availability of high-quality blood components to medical treatment institutions in Latvia.

The Policy

To promote development of the Blood Service in the country, using modern technologies and constantly improving cooperation with donors, clients, medical institutions and cooperation partners.

The Ultimate Goal

To ensure the preparation and distribution of safe and high quality blood components to medical institutions, as well as immuno-hematological examination services.

Goals of the Center

M1 To provide blood products at the request of medical institutions in cooperation with Blood Preparation Departments and to facilitate the movement of donors.

M2 To provide the quality and safety of prepared blood components.

M3 To ensure immunochemical examinations for patients and clients.

M4 To provide training for medical practitioners in the field of transfusion and immune-hematology in cooperation with the Riga Stradins University and other professional associations and organizations.

M5 To ensure compliance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

M6 To ensure the improvement in the functions of the institution by identifying overlapping in functions, including the assessment of the proportion of administrative staff in the institution.

[Informaton update 12th of November 2018]