You can donate blood at our permanent or mobile donation venues.

If you want to donate blood, please make sure you come with a valid passport, eID card or any other identity document that has all of the following: Latvian identity number, name, surname and photo. Please also give us your bank account number.

If you already know your blood group, before making an appointment and visiting the blood donation venue, check the Blood Bank section to see whether your blood group is needed now.

Every donor gives 450 ml (plus about 30 ml for blood samples for testing). Loss of this amount of blood is not harmful for healthy people. Blood is taken from elbow joint veins only.

Before the procedure, both elbow joint veins are inspected because people who have recent venepunctures or other skin damage on the puncture site cannot donate blood. Blood donation procedure takes about 10 minutes.

After donating blood, most of the donors feel well, but in rare cases some may feel or hot, may faint for a moment, and some bleeding, redness or pain may develop in the area where needle has been inserted. The procedure is monitored by medical staff that can provide medical help.

Remember, you can refuse or terminate your donation at any time and have all your questions related to blood donation answered!


You can rest assured that you cannot contract HIV, viral hepatitis, syphilis or other transmitted diseases during blood donation because we use disposable materials: plastic bags for blood preparation, IV lines, disposable needles,

laboratory tools for determining blood groups and haemoglobin levels, donor skin disinfection and dressing materials.

If after donating blood you notice any donation related change in your health, please contact our medical practitioners at the Centre by calling us free on 80000003

  • Monday to Friday from 8.30 AM to 5 PM

Please also contact us if you think that your donated blood is unsafe and may harm patient’s health.