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Blood stock


What happens to blood when You donate?

1. Procedure

In one blood donation at the same time are obtained 450ml of blood and another 50 ml for the test. All procedures are carried out by experts and equipment is sterile.

2. Analysis

50 ml are provided for different kinds of tests to ensure that the donor is healthy and the blood is useful. Later we also inform the donor about the results of analyses.

3. Blood components

The live blood is divided into three components:

  • plasma
  • erythrocytes
  • thrombocytes

4. Preservation

After the analysis blood is stored in repositories from which it is supplied to hospitals.

5. Hospitals

Hospitals have special sections which are responsible for blood transfering to patients.

6. Usage

Pregnant woman

1 till 3 times in a month young mothers need transfusion of erythrocytes. Once in 3 monts new born baby needs a plasma transfusion.

Extensive burns

After extensive and severe burn injuries one patient may need up to 65 blood doses.

Carcrash victims

Depending on the injury victims may need up to 20 blood doses.


Abdominal surgery and hip replacement surgery require an average of 5 blood doses.

Patients with blood cancer

Patients with blood cancer usually needs 1 to 3 blood doses per day.

One donation helps to save 3 lives

To become a human lifeguard sometimes does not require much. You can also help to save the lives of other people.